hey baby walk this way…it’s a mashup!

hey kids it’s thursday and yes it’s mashup time! we are entering our third week of mashup mixes here on popbytes! the column is a huge hit and feedback has been great! up at bat this week is a super hot one – no doubt vs. aerosmith with hey baby walk this way – i love it! next week DJ paul v. is going to be picking something super fresh & new – we just had to throw it back a bit to get this party started – much thanks & love to our mashup man…make sure to check out paul’s weekly mashup show fridays @ 5.30pm over on indie 103.1FM – perfect for those LA traffic woes! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

OK babies, here we go! This week, in honor of Tomkitten (aka Suri, as she’s known at the Scientology Sandbox) – plus Brooke Shields, Gwyneth Paltrow and soon Angelina, Maggie, maybe Britney, and our dear Gwen Stefani, we say “Hey baby, walk this way!” Once your hear No Doubt vs. Aerosmith, you’ll gurgle, you’ll coo…you’ll go down on a muffin. (Look, don’t ask me – I didn’t write it). Come to think of it, didn’t Liv Tyler have a baby recently too? Jeez – home pregnancy test stocks haven’t risen this high since Paris Hilton burned her training bra….

And if you’re in LA this weekend, check out a very special Smash Mix on Friday at 5:30pm on Indie 1031.FM. It’s gonna exclusively feature bands playing the Coachella Festival this weekend. I won’t say who, but – it will feature a tres tasty Scissor Sisters vs. Madonna mashup….be there!

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– DJ Paul V. (thesmashmix@yahoo.com)

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