hilary duff is such a lush!

good morning boys & girls! so last night i did in fact make it down to bootie LA and popbytes had a great time…i was a bit tired but i must say hearing loud mashups on the dancefloor was great! i met a few cute & cool people and got to catch up for a bit with DJ paul v.! january 6th will be the next mashup party – for sure i’ll go back and bring a bunch of friends to a perfectly chill place to hang!

moving on below we’ve got newly single hilary duff gracing the cover of lush magazine winter ’06 issue (damn there a lot of magazines out there – i’ve never heard of this one) and although i am far from being a fan of the duffster (or her dumb sister haylie duff) i do actually like the pictures snapped for this photoshoot (done by paul wright) they’re a drop more edgy than we’ve seen her be – which i’ve always thought she needed to escape that whole teen girl disney vibe (although there is a slight poodle effect going on here)

and now that she is no longer with cutie joel madden (of good charlotte one of my least favorite bands) maybe she’ll really got her edge on (for more on their breakup read the latest gossip on the situation over at star magazine) do you think we’ll get a flash of her crotch anytime soon? or maybe she can get her drink on and join lindsay lohan in AA meetings? (oh dina lohan and your big mouth) oh maybe she can just leak a sex tape? gosh they’re a variety of ways ms. hilary could shed her disney skin! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


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