Hold Your Sexy Arms Against Me … Britney Mashup!

Are you feeling the new Britney Spears single? It’s already a huge radio and club hit, but I’m feeling kind of meh about it. Like so many pop artists of the last year, Brit and her producers are tapping into those hard electro beats, so that’s a plus. But my rating for it as a hit song? Probably about a C+. This mashup, however, is rated A+! Here, Titus Jones whips up one of his patented mega-artist blends, featuring Britney, Pink, David Guetta & Akon, Cutting Crew, and Taylor Swift, jacks up the tempo a bit, and the result is raucously rave-worthy Europop jam. Watch for this mash as part of Jones’ Culture Shock CD, his first mashup album collection dropping on February 28th.

Download Titus JonesHold Your Sexy Arms Against Me
[.mp3 / 12.2mb]

Enjoy — DJ Paul V.

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