hollywood marriages explode – dirty divorces!

good evening! (oh i had a bunch of drama to deal with tonight but all is ok now – phew) the latest issue of national enquirer is all about dirty hollywood divorces – just a few weeks ago two new scandalous marital situations exploded onto the scene – first up was country superstar shania twain (i love her) who is now getting out of her marriage of fourteen years to one of her producers robert john ‘mutt’ lange – he was supposedly having an affair with one of ms. twain’s longtime assistants marie-anne thiébaud (she’s married too – there’s an interview w/ her husband inside the magazine) all of shania’s personal drama aside – i seriously hope she’s got a new album on the horizon soon! i feel like she fell off the face of the earth for a long spell – and now she’s coming back a single lady and still looks great – it’s time to strike while the iron is hot – with at the very least a new song! this divorce has a juicy element to it but the whole bill murray divorce mess seems like it’s going to get really icky & ugly – his wife jennifer butler murray of eleven years claimed a bunch of nasty allegations including abuse, adultery, & addiction! getting divorced must totally suck but it seems everyone these days goes through at least one – it’s quite common especially when it comes to hollywood! popbytes over & out for tonight – xxoo

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