How much would you pay to be by Kim Kardashian?

KIm Kardashian

Remember back when Kim Kardashian was on “media lockdown”? Yeah, that turned out great, didn’t it? Only Kim can lock herself in a house and still somehow manage to unleash a steady stream of lies and slutty pictures. No prison can hold her! Anyway, her next stop on the “remind the world why I’m an evil scag” tour is a New Year’s Eve hosting gig down in Las Vegas, where she’s charging people $20K just to sit at a table near her. RadarOnline reports:

The 31-year-old single lady will be ringing in the New Year at Las Vegas hot spot TAO inside The Venetian. Tickets to attend the bash are $200. But if you want the table next to Kim, RadarOnline has learned it’ll cost a whopping $20,000! The luxurious party includes an open bar for a few hours, a champagne toast, and an opportunity to see who she kisses at midnight.

Yes, $20,000, the cost of feeding a small family for a year, and that’s what Kim is charging just to be in her general vicinity. I’m going to ask this as a completely honest question here, but how is Kim Kardashian even alive? No, seriously, from a purely evolutionary perspective, how the hell does a single-minded focus on being famous fit into the species? Please, for the love of God, don’t let this woman procreate, because if the famewhore DNA taints the gene pool, humanity as a whole is doomed.

KIm Kardashian

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