i admit to watching the bachelor

hey kids! monday monday! cloudy and gross in LA today! and yes – it’s like the 5th or 6th go-around for ABC’s the bachelor and although i said i would never watch again – i somehow find myself hooked (and this is the first season to take place in NYC – makes me homesick!) – as the show gets older – it’s also getting saucier and bitchier – the girls are tougher and go to great lengths to basically hate and diss each other! (like one girl called someone a ‘slut’ – i love shows where people call each other ‘sluts’ – it’s such a great word – just say it out loud like you mean it!) i love watching girls compete over some guy – it’s oh so fun! and this time bachelor charlie o’connell is kinda cute and lovable – but not as cute as older brother jerry o’connell who i saw a few months back looking good at starbucks (just FYI ‘coffee bean’ sucks my ass – sorry folks! its true!) across the street! i think he is dating rachel hunter rebecca romijn (oops my bad – thanks to those who corrected me) last time i checked! anyways check out the bachelor tonight – and then stay tuned for more craziness with super nanny – popbytes out for now…

Monday, April 18, 9/8c Episode 4

Things get dicey in the Bachelorette house as the remaining women spend more time with Charlie. Will he be able to hold his own against six determined women? En garde!

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