i dreamt jen aniston had oprah’s baby!

good morning starshines! i am thinking about this gossip crap way too much! so i had this extra story from STAR magazine this week and i wasn’t sure on how to angle it & didn’t think i would even use it! no one wants jen aniston to have any fertility drama especially with people having babies and getting pregnant all over the place these days! so my mind is always basically a whir all the time (except when i am really sleeping) and i was trying to fall asleep last night i kept thinking about jen and vince – and then brangelina – tomkat even crossed my mind – finally i fell asleep and when i woke i remembered bits & pieces of my dream – oprah donated her egg to jennifer who was going to try and carry it to term! craziness!

i don’t remember a lot from the dream but i know i was at my desk and trying to post the breaking news to popbytes but for some reason i couldn’t seem to get on the net then my work desk kinda merged with my desk at home and then i’m not sure what happened?!? i so need to have a pad by the bed so i can write this shit down! i guess it beats my usual ‘having to pack quickly and being stressed i forgot something before i have to go somewhere’ dream that i have ALL the time…i think popbytes is long overdue for a vacation BUT how can i leave popbytes? ;) oh the thought of aniston having oprah’s baby is too much to even think about anymore…popbytes gettin’ ready to take on thursday! xxoo!

PS the mashup of the week is a drop delayed but check back later today – it’s a fun one!

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