i feel a little bad for jessica simpson

oh man! poor jessica simpson – she’s had a simply horrible year! first losing her marriage to hottie nick lachey (who actually had a great year and is now tapping vanessa minnillo) she released a simply awful album (oh that darn a public affair) she’s got her sister ashlee on some sorta plastic surgery streak to imitate her – the topping on the cake is her creepy dad joe simpson…oh and not to mention possibly tooling around with grossie john mayer (popbytes is not a fan of his music at all – see i don’t like everybody!) plus we can’t forget jessica pimping her big bags & boots along with some shitty hair extensions with lamo ken paves! oh one more thing – her lame attempt to remake the oscar winning film ‘working girl’!

so last night she was performing a tribute to one of her idols dolly parton (who also happens to be one of my favorites) ms. simpson took the stage at the kennedy center honors in front of an audience that included honorees steven spielberg, smokey robinson, and ms. parton! jessica picked ms. parton’s infamous working girl anthem 9 to 5 (i would have picked jolene but that’s just me) and it looks like she flubbed some lines and then uttered the words ‘so nervous’ and then peeled off stage apparently in tears!

of course i could call her a dumb bitch who didn’t get her lyrics down pat (don’t forget that’s a big no-no on american idol…the new season premieres on my birthday!) but oh i’d be nervous too! performing one of your idol’s classic songs while they’re sitting right there…i would have choked up and had a meltdown as well! so tonight i decided to give ms. simpson a break since i always find something to slam her on – plus it’s the holiday season! i’m feeling pretty generous to be writing a forgiving post on ms. simpson who fucked up in front of one of my favorite people ever and that would be the spirit that ms. parton would approve of! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!


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