i now own valeriecherish.com!

gosh i am still so bummed out that the comeback will not return to HBO – people have been emailing me left & right – people love this show and worship valerie cherish played by super funny lady lisa kudrow – i am so sure some people are sick of me going on and on (and on!) about it (this morning i did brunch with a dear friend over at newsroom cafe over on roberston – and she was like why do you love valerie cherish so much??? – i guess i now have a reputation for being some sorta valerie junkie) – anyways last night i got an email from a guy who is starting a SAVE VALERIE CHERISH campaign over at his website – so got me thinking – i wonder if anyone owns the domain name valeriecherish.com – i quickly raced over to godaddy.com and lo & behold it was available – but not anymore since i purchased it – what a ‘comeback’ score – heck for the 8.95 it was worth getting – and i now have the name re-directed to my valerie archive here on popbytes – i will keep adding to it – so if you have anything to add let me know! maybe we can save this show – i doubt it (i’m kinda the ‘glass is half empty’ kinda guy…) but let’s at least try – keep calling HBO at 212-512-1208 – and demand they ‘give valerie another take’ – i’m gonna keep on calling – this show and valerie must be saved – gosh i feel so proactive in the moment it’s kinda fun and inspiring! popbytes out for now…xxoo

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