I Think Michael Lohan Just Broke My Brain

Another day, another way Michael Lohan has found to make himself seem as completely goddamn insane as humanely possible. Case in point: Michael has commissioned a singer to create a club track dedicated to Lindsay Lohan. Because the one place you want your broke, recovering, former-junkie to be is a club, right? PARENTING, WOO!

Michael says the song — a companion piece of sorts to Lindsay’s 2005 track “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)” — is about a “talented and beautiful young lady who has grown in our hearts, she is badgered by paparazzi, cut down by the media … She will wilt, but when she falls, I will always be there to pick her up and put her pedals back on.”

Kennedy tells TMZ the song — entitled “My Rose” — is a club track with a dance vibe like Usher or Lady Gaga. Kennedy says he recorded the song last week, played it for MiLo last night and he “loved it.” SOURCE

When did Michael lose the part of his brain that allows him to feel … What’s the word I’m looking for … shame? Guilt? Anything that makes him feel like what he might be currently doing is goddamn stupid? Honestly, any of these things would be just fantastic.

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