I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer!

This week, the ladies are calling to you, to DANCE! In honor of Dueling Divas mashup night this Saturday 12/18 at Bootie LA, we spotlight a few of our favorite fierce femmes – courtesy of Titus Jones. Atop the bubbly synthpop beats of La Roux‘s Bulletproof, Taylor Swift, Whitney Houston and Robyn know just where the action is … on the dancefloor! And that’s exactly where we wanna see YOU, as myself and DJ Mochi Beats showcase only the hottest bootlegs featuring the fairer sex! So LA, come join us Saturday at The Echoplex.

Download Titus JonesI Wanna Bulletproof Dancer
[.mp3 / 5.4mb]

Enjoy! — DJ Paul V.

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This Santastic holiday blend of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer vs. The Police has been making the rounds over the last few weeks, but in case you need the track, you can download it here. And take a look at how skilled Burl Ives is laying it down on the guitar! Credit to Berkley’s Mojochronic for this superb mashup and video.