idol pickler MUST go!!!

damn – she so sucked hard tonight over on american idol…did you all manage to catch tonight’s episode of ‘love’ songs? i almost forgot it was on! this season like i have said before is really lacking and so when kellie pickler said she was going to sing unchained melody (righteous bros.) i almost passed out…not only is it like my least favorite song ever (it’s SO very tired…a song that has long overstayed its welcome) but i also knew she would murder the song and boy did she ever! oh my – when she hit that high note?!? it was probably (ok definitely) the WORST performance i ever did see on idol – not to mention that pickler hair – ugh! she so needs to leave idolville tomorrow…and what the hell is going on with paula abdul? she was all tears & emoting over elliot yamin – i actually have a soft spot for him too…what a sweet boy – but i don’t need to get all gushy over him – he wasn’t even leaving! she is such an odd bird that paula but we love her! popbytes over & out for tonight – check you all tomorrows – xxoo!

PS oh silly girl katharine mcphee didn’t anyone tell you never EVER attempt to sing whitney houston on idol?

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