Iggy Azalea (most likely) has a sex tape!

Iggy Azalea Sex Tape

Iggy Azalea Sex Tape

Everytime someone says ‘celebrity sex tape,’ two things immediately pop into my head: First, just typing those words ensures some pretty decent traffic. I could be talking about the pros and cons of watching different brands of paint dry, and adding in those words will still yield a sizable crowd. Second is that invariably, I’ll go into another bit about how releasing sex tapes legally in the states works and how this can all be turned into a non-issue with one very simple decision. Anyway, let’s get to the news about the ‘it’ girl of the moment–Aussie Iggy Azalea‘s sex tape (with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Hefe Wine) surfacing this past week–then let’s talk about how she can make it go away.

We broke the story … a video purportedly showing Azalea and an ex-boyfriend is being shopped to porn giant, Vivid Entertainment. But then Iggy’s lawyers now tell us … any sex video would be the work of a “spurned business suitor” — aka the ex-BF — who’s just trying to damage her image and career out of revenge. They also told us any footage was possibly shot “without her knowledge or consent” … kind of a weird statement — either it was or it wasn’t. The lawyers also say it’s possible it was shot when she was a minor. SOURCE

UPDATE Iggy Azalea Sex Tape — Guy in the Video Says It’s Legit … And Iggy Was Legal

Here’s the part where all of this sex tape business can go away for Iggy because … releasing a sex tape legally in the US is way harder than Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian might have her think it is! It’s simple: If someone comes up to you and says “Hey, can you sign this super huge release form and provide us with two forms of government issued identification?”–say no! Then your sex tape can’t be legally released. That’s it! Anytime anyone says that a sex tape was ‘leaked’ they actually mean–”I went to Vivid Video‘s offices and signed all the paper work and gave two forms of identification to Steve Hirsch!” Now you know. This has been a learning experience, you’re welcome!

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