i’ll never get over valerie cherish

good evening everybody! oh my goodness – my internet is back on – woo hoo! i’m like beside myself with pop joy – after it being basically off since early saturday morning – i almost don’t know what to do right now! (except get a credit from the cable company – ugh!) when i was walking the doggies this morning – i saw a cute repairman from time warner cable – who i basically accosted about the lack of net connectivity – he was visiting another apartment with the exact same issue! well before you know it – the problem was ‘escalated’ and when i came home for lunch – there was not one but two TW trucks parked outside my building! it turned out to be a problem with the building’s amplifier (which i knew all along…) oh lordy – i’m surfing the internet like a fiend – i swear that i’ll never take the internet for granted again – when it’s on use it!

as i was looking around the web tonight for something to post on – i came across recent pictures of my darling lisa kudrow taken this past tuesday at the ’08 film independent spirit awards nominations – which of course reminded me of those not too distant carefree & happy days of valerie cherish and her show the comeback which HBO killed with poor judgment and pure cruelty! there’s nothing going on right now with that channel – they should be begging for ms. cherish to ‘comeback’! (i admit to watching this season of curb your enthusiasm but that came to an end – i do hope we’ll be seeing more of larry david – that show does kick serious ass!)

if you haven’t experienced the comeback yet – you must! the first (and sadly) only season is available on DVD – and let me go all oprah winfrey for a moment – the DVD would make the top of my ‘favorites list’ (a perfect holiday present) if i could give you all a copy – i’d do it in a heartbeat! in fact i just tossed it on now – it’s beyond hilarious and ms. kudrow shines as a washed up sitcom star makin’ her comeback – one of the best characters in TV history – she’s right up there with edith & archie bunker (my top TV show of all-time hands down is all in the family followed closely by the comeback & twin peaks (which i have a great post about coming up soon on popbytes – stay tuned for that – oh it’s a good one!)

plus i’ve got to mention that in my crusade to save the show (i do own valeriecherish.com – which contains the archive of the many posts i did on ‘the comeback’) i was able to connect & make friends with a bunch of cool people over the show – fans of valerie stick together! i know i must sound a bit like a crazy person – but for those of you who love valerie cherish you’ll totally get me – as for the rest of you – please check out the show! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

PS as an added bonus there’s a clip of an extra from the DVD which features valerie cherish in the dressing room after a performance on dancing with the stars – which turned out to be my guilty viewing pleasure for the past few weeks – helio was great but i think ‘spice girl’ mel b was robbed!

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