i’m from rolling stone…

hey everyone! so it looks like MTV is getting back on the reality band wagon with the arrival of their new show i’m from rolling stone… where six writers will be competing to be a new contributing editor for rolling stone magazine! i’ve actually talked to a few people about this show and everyone agrees it looks decent – better than that seventeen mess of a reality/magazine show! it’s funny though – the guys all look fairly serious below but the two gals – they both look like they’ll be relying on more than just their writing skills to nab the position! (actually there’s a third gal – oops my bad i thought she was a boy!) if any of this has peaked your interest you can watch the trailer and then set your tivos for jan 7th when the show premieres! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Last summer, the six writers chosen from a pool of thousands of applicants were thrown directly into the mix with a wide array of writing assignments including artist and entertainment profiles and coverage of national affairs, politics and pop culture. MTV cameras documented the young journalists’ entire experience working, for the first time, in a high-pressured journalistic environment. They compete with one another for story assignments, stress about hitting deadlines and face no-holds-barred critiques from Rolling Stone editors, all while dealing with their own personal challenges.

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