i’m off to see dolly parton!

UPDATE! oh my word it’s almost 1am (i had to wait to write my update since i had to eat dinner and walk the dogs) i’m beyond tired but dolly parton was incredible tonight – she did a number of songs off her new album along with a bunch of classics including one of my favorites here you come again (and of course 9 to 5, islands in the stream and coat of many colors) but unfortunately i missed the first few songs because she came on shortly after 8pm (i figured she’d have an opening act and wouldn’t start until at least 9pm…) i found out later that i missed jolene which totally bummed me out :( yet on a positive note one of the highlights of the evening hands down was her stripped down rendition of little sparrow which was amazing! i jotted down the setlist but it’s way too late to deal with all of that right now – i’ll add it soon! i need to get up extra early tomorrow – ugh! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo

hey hey! i showered again (since i sweated my ass off this afternoon on the blue carpet and i just now realized how sun burned i am – ugh) and had a quick bite to eat (tasty grilled cheese sandwiches on extra sour rye) and now i’m off again – this time to see dolly parton live in concert for the second time in my life (at the greek theatre which is great except the stacked parking) she’s a total living legend and still in top form! dolly is touring on behalf of her new album backwoods barbie and is getting ready to launch the stage version musical of 9 to 5 (i’m so going to see the show when it starts playing in preview mode here in los angeles in september and then the production moves to NYC) ms. parton certainly keeps herself super busy! i’ll do a quick update to this post when i get back home – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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