i’m off to see lady sovereign

UPDATE! i’m back home – and little miss lady sovereign managed to do her entire show – without any fuckups – i was expecting the worst – but i was quite pleasantly pleased with her feisty & spirited performance this evening! (i almost missed the show because the prop ha8e protests were clogging up traffic – for once i wasn’t annoyed with the delays) she totally worked the crowd up – and i thought she did an excellent job – so contrary to what might have gone on in other cities – she totally did los angeles right tonight! popbytes over & out for tonight … xoxo

hey everyone! after an extremely disappointing day here in california – with the state’s supreme court upholding prop ha8e (i’m so ashamed to admit i live in this state right now – iowa is looking more & more attractive everyday) i’m excited to just get myself out of the house tonight and head down to see lady sovereign at the el rey on wilshire (plus a salted margarita (or two) will for sure help put me in better spirits) although from what i’ve heard about her messy live performances – tonight could be yet another disappointment (she stormed off stage the other night up in san francisco – and was slurring in seattle) but regardless of what transpires tonight – i’m still totally digging her new album jigsaw (which i posted about a few weeks ago) enjoy her music video below for i got you dancing – and check my twitter for updates from the show – hopefully girlfriend will make it through more than three songs! popbytes over & out for tonight … xoxo

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