i’m off to see robyn & ashlee simpson!

UPDATE! oh my word i had so much fun last night but i paid for it today – i was super hung over – it was so not cute! i slept until almost 5pm – and was getting sick most of the day – not good times! right now i’m chilling and watching the grammy award red carpet arrivals – i’ll update later with the winners – i hope amy winehouse wins all 6 awards that she’s nominated for! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

hey kids! tonight is a double header for me – first up is swedish pop sensation robyn who is playing over at the troubadour which i’m super excited for (it’s her first LA show!) i heard great things about her recent show in NYC which is making me extra stoked to see her play live – then right after that i’m heading over to ritual to catch ashlee simpson on her mini club tour (supposedly she’s set to take the stage at midnight) i’ve never been a huge fan of ms. simpson but i really love her single ‘outta my head (ay ya ya)’ – hopefully both shows will prove to be a good time – i think the two ladies will be in sharp contrast to each other – so i think it will be an interesting night out on the town! it will probably be quite late when i get home – so i’ll catch up with you all tomorrrow! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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