i’m off to see tori amos!

UPDATE! hey y’all! tori amos was awesome tonight – she managed to do two dolls tonight – starting off with the always political isabel singing yo george and then came out as pip who got quite sassy! then of course tori came out as herself – and did the one song that i was praying for…cooling which was spectacular & emotional (at least for me…) the crowd was so well behaved – during silent all these years i swear you could hear a pin drop – everyone was so quiet – it was perfect! i’ll probably write a bit more about the show soon – i’m hoping some of the pictures i was able to snap came out okay! (even though there was a strict no camera policy – we all got away with it!) popbytes over & out for tonight – much love to all as always – xxoo!

hey hey! i’m super excited to go see my main musical goddess tori amos who is playing downtown at nokia live and is the very last stop on her american doll posse tour that started in rome back on may 28th! plus i’m going with my pal tabloid whore – who is also an avid ms. amos fan – it’ll be great to see her together! (and we have 2nd row orchestra seats!) when i get home i’ll be sure to update this post with a few thoughts on the show – i know it’s going to be brilliant – as no one puts on a live show like tori! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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