i’m off to ‘the hills’ season finale!

UPDATE hey hey! i just got back a little while ago from the whole ‘hills’ finale shindig which was semi-fun – all those events tend to be a little on the tiring side but it’s always fun to run into people you know (hello jennifer from buzznet) and meeting vera from i’m not obsessed was a total highlight of the evening – she’s so damn funny – we totally got along great – i know if she lived closer we would be best of friends! as far as red carpet interaction – the person i chatted with the most was stephanie pratt – sister of spencer (absent this evening along w/ girlfriend heidi montag) she was actually really nice and i asked her about the nickname she-pratt which she didn’t like at first but after i explained how i ended up really liking her character (way more than lo – who i basically can’t stand) she told me that i’m allowed to call her ‘she-pratt’ – i’ll upload the video i shot in the next few days!

i also ran into brittny gastineau who i chatted with for a few minutes – she was totally pleasant – we might be seeing her again on TV…stay tuned! i decided to scramble out of there fairly quickly – the location was gorgeous but it was located atop this big hill and access was very limited – there were shuttle buses taking people to and from the party and i knew once it ended the wait would feel like forever – the shuttles could only take maybe 20 people at a time! right now i’m watching the finale on TV – way more comfortable – and i’m dying to see what transpires as audrina possibly prepares to move out! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo

hey kids! tonight is the third season finale of one of my top guilty faux reality pleasures the hills and i was invited to head over to a beverly hills mansion to catch all the finale festivities plus i should be getting a drop of interview time in with a few of the cast members as they stroll down the red carpet (don’t worry i promise to be oh so nice to heidi montag & spencer pratt if i have to…but my fingers will be crossed behind my back – ha) i’m also meeting up with ms. vera from i’m not obsessed who has been one of my good bloggers pals for quite some time now – it’ll be great to finally meet her in person! below is a clip from tonight’s episode (it looks like audrina will be moving out…) no worries for all you ‘hills’ addicts out there – it has been confirmed there will indeed be a fourth season! when i get home tonight i’ll update this post with a few quick thoughts about the night’s events – i’m hoping it will be a blast (i even have a new t-shirt for the occasion!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo

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