imma stop loving drugs – mashup time!

It was quite a week for television, and the pop charts. On the boob tube, we said goodbye to the amazing kids of Glee for the summer, as they wowed us with their Journey mega-medley. And admit it – you shed a tear during To Sir With Love, right? On the pop charts, our latest fave UK synthpop duo La Roux are sitting pretty in the Top 10 with the fabulous Bulletproof, battling it out with Eminem, Usher, and Katy Perry for dominance. So it’s with great pleasure that this week’s mashup is a nod to both pop stars and TV stars. Here, Titus Jones works his magic with La Roux, Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha, and the Glee Cast, whose cover of Don’t Stop Believing ignited the huge buzz for the show. If this ain’t a roll-the-windows-down-‘n-crank-it summer (s)mash, then I dunno know what is!

Download Titus JonesImma Stop Loving Drugs
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Enjoy! — DJ Paul V.

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PS to my LA peeps: It’s LA Gay Pride weekend, and I’m offering up an alternative dance party on the east side, SPUNK – this Saturday June 12th at The Echoplex in Echo Park. And speaking of La Roux, we’re giving away tickets to see them and Empire Of The Sun! Plus we have a really bitchin’ band called The G80s live at 11pm, who play all your fave new wave hits of the 80s! I’ll be DJing with my best buddy Tommy Rocker – we’d love to have you all come hang out ‘n dance with us!