inside britney spears’ crazy house

good morning y’all! i certainly won’t let a little thing like the lack of net access stop me from posting the latest cover of STAR magazine which is featuring our favorite messy situation – that of ms. britney spears! the headline is all about brit’s ‘crazy’ house – complete with pink handcuffs, mirrored ceilings, and bizarre (aka ill-fitting) costumes! if this cover was from a few years back – i would have said no way could this be britney but unfortunately today – nothing surprises me when it comes to ms. spears!

plus the magazine claims she’s telling friends that she’s pregnant – which like i’ve said before is the very last thing britney needs right now – she can barely deal with her two kids – she doesn’t need anymore! there’s also mentions of her double locked ‘secret’ room, her obsession with ‘cinderella’ (oh my gosh – she must have a pair of glass slippers tucked away somewhere) as well as what’s really in the candy dish (scandal!) there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to her bizarre antics & behavior (read some more details on her messy situation) something has to change though – girlfriend certainly can’t ride the crazy train forever!

in other stories we’ve got jessica simpson and her new NFL boytoy tony romo (who obviously has a thing for blondes – he was also dating country queen carrie underwood) ms. simpson even brought him around to meet the family over the thanksgiving holiday – that’s one relationship we’ll need to keep our eyes on! in other couples news there’s sarah jessica parker who was spotted without her wedding ring (maybe she was filming ‘sex & the city’) although i’m sure things are just peachy keen between her & hubby matthew broderick – they’ve always appeared to be such a stable couple – i highly doubt there’s any drama between the two of them!

last but not least there’s a mention of dennis quaid who is asking people to pray for his twin babies who could suffer long term effects from the recent drug overdose they were given at the hospital – what a nightmare that must be – i’d sue that hospital so fast – and i’m sure mr. quaid and his wife will be doing exactly that! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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