Inside Suri Cruise’s strange world …

good morning everyone! today i’ve got STAR magazine taking us inside suri cruise‘s ‘strange world’ – no surprises here – of course she’s living in a strange world – run by the crazy tom cruise – mom katie holmes is just doing her stepford duties – you know tom runs the show! in this strange world – there’s no televison – or happy meals – gasp! i can understand a parent not allowing their kids to watch TV but you simply cannot deny a child a happy meal (they first appeared in june of 1979) from mcdonalds – at least every now & again – it doesn’t have to be a weekly thing! although the happy meals today seem to be on the weak side – just like cracker jacks – the toy surprises certainly aren’t what they used to be!

there’s also no medicine allowed in the household – just ‘herbs’ – i’m assuming that has something to do with scientology which suri is currently being ‘programmed’ with from an early age – via play dates with xenu himself probably! i’m not one to knock people’s beliefs but you have to admit it all sounds simply ridiculous! as for the paternity of suri – i was talking with my pal joey at work today – and we both agreed she really does look like a combination of tom & katie – i don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories out there – suri is for sure the (adorable) spawn of cruise!

the other cast of characters on the cover includes brad pitt & angelina jolie with word of a $200 million dollar prenup deal (if they do get hitched they’d be dummies to not have an agreement in place) there’s pregnant jamie lynn spears hating her baby bump (probably not the best fashion statement for a 16 year old…) and last but not least jennifer aniston trying to have a baby via in vitro fertilization – maybe she doesn’t even want kids – it’s totally fine for a woman to not procreate – after all the hemming & hawing over her being pregnant – when and if she actually becomes preggers – it will be totally anti-climatic! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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