isaac cohen is so kfed v 2.0…

hey y’all! oh jeez that britney spears seems like she can’t live without a man for any length of time! i don’t understand how these people just jump from one person to the next – she should slow it down (before she does actually find herself preggers again!) at least she has great taste in the looks department – her latest beau model isaac cohen is phenomally hot! but i still keep thinking he’s just a slight upgrade from kevin federline – trying to bust a move with his career and yes hanging out with ms. spears will probably help – let’s just hope and pray that he doesn’t have his sights set on recording an album – that would kill me!

this week’s STAR magazine features a luscious mr. cohen as the man who is making justin timberlake jealous – which i have a pretty hard time believing…i really think the brit & justin romance ship has long sailed on! besides with mess she’s been making of herself – she doesn’t deserve him! plus justin is way too busy to be concerned with britney running around with isaac! he’s probably more jealous over cameron diaz‘s recent hawaiian romp with surfer hottie kelly slater! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

given isaac’s scruffy hotness and his drive to succeed, some insiders have speculated that the model is a perfect cross between timberlake and federline. how long he’ll last – or if he’ll be replaced by justin! – is still anyone’s guess. “playing the jealousy card could backfire,” frets britney’s friend. “if isaac turns out to be kevin part ii, justin is going to lose even more respect for her.” (brit’s rep denies the story. justin’s won’t comment on his personal life.)

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