it really happened…ashlee in chicago

oh my good blogger pal nathaniel is going to beat my pop ass for this one…i’m doing another post about one of the simpson sisters! i just can’t seem to stay away (maybe deep down inside i’m in love with ’em and don’t want to admit it) but those two are always up to something messy and fun to post about! this time it’s little sis ashlee‘s premiere on the west end london stage (heaven help them) as murderess ‘roxy hart’ in chicago – i swear it doesn’t even look like her – i had to take a few quick double takes! of course jessica was there to lend her sisterly support (and besides she doesn’t have anything else better to do – certainly not promoting her terrible album) did any of you UK readers happen to catch her performance? probably not…that show has been running for ages it seems – it’s tired and so are the simpson gals…and yes ok – i’ll try to hold back again from doing more on these two! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!


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