it’s britney, bitch – you bastards! the mashup!

good morning everybody! i know you guys are going to love this latest timely mashup selected by our pal DJ paul v. – his friend seth in brooklyn took one part britney spears & one part chris crocker – mashed them together equaling out to it’s britney, bitch – you bastards! i just heard the mashup last night and i’ve already played it a bunch of times – britney & chris go quite well together – i think you’ll totally agree – have a listen below! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


Let’s get to the big questions this week: Did Britney Spears hire a hit on Kevin Federline? Who will be Britney’s new management team? (Dina Lohan might be free) Will Britney pass her weekly booze and drug tests? And did Chris Crocker really get a TV deal from his YouTube explosion? We all wanna know more, more, MORE right? So does my super talented boy Seth In Brooklyn, who made the inevitable – and so totally awesome! – mashup this week. It’s Britney bitch, indeed!

listen to Seth In Brooklyn – It’s Britney, Bitch – You Bastards! [.mp3 2.4mb]

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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