Jack Klugman’s son slammed the Emmys!

Jack Klugman

Jack Klugman

Every awards show includes a segment where they honor the people the industry lost and look back on their life’s work. Inevitably though, someone unfortunately gets left out due to human error and then there’s the public uproar/apology that comes with it. This year, the overlooked party was Jack Klugman, of The Odd Couple, who was apparently lumped into the Emmys group memorial instead of getting his own personalized tribute like Cory Monteith. This didn’t sit well with his son who proceeded to bash the awards for giving more credit to Monteith than Klugman. Us Weekly reports …

“I think it’s criminal,” Klugman said in an interview with the Associated Press. “My dad was at the inception of television and helped build it in the early days.”

“It’s an insult, and it really seems typical of this youth-centric culture that has an extremely short attention span and panders to only a very narrow demographic,” Adam continued. “What about the people who should be introduced to somebody like my father? I don’t mean to say anything disparaging about Cory, but he was a kid who had won no Emmys, and it was a self-induced tragedy.”

Look, I understand why he’s upset. His father was an accomplished actor, and as his son, he wanted to see him get the tribute he deserved. But I think the anger is a bit misplaced, and his argument came down to “I don’t want to say anything disparaging, but I will anyway!” He’s right, Klugman was a fine actor who deserved better, but you don’t honor your father by dishonoring someone else.

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