Jaden Smith made $3 Million for ruining ‘The Karate Kid’

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan

Oh look, a post about a child of privilege who made way more money than he deserved because of his father, and it ISN’T about Donald Trump! I know, gasp, right? Well it turns out, Jaden Smith reportedly made a total of $3 million dollars off of his first starring movie role, The Karate Kid, despite the fact that it sucked and the only reason the movie was even created was so that Will Smith could put his kid in his own movie while simultaneously ruining a classic. Yay nepotism!

TMZ obtained a copy of Smith’s contract for the films, which was signed in June 2009 when the actor was just 10 years old. The contract reveals he was paid in two installments for the two films, one for $900,000 and $100,000. While those payments alone seem like a lot of money for a pre-teen, it’s just the beginning. Thanks to the film’s lucrative take at the box office — bringing in over $150 million — Smith received a $2 million bonus. SOURCE

Like me, you’re probably wondering what a ten-year-old could possibly need $3 million dollars for, especially when you consider that his father already dispenses money like a broken ATM. But don’t worry, because I have the answer right here: A bottle of vodka. No, I don’t mean Jaden drinks alcohol, I just mean that the idea of a kid making $3 million bucks because his Dad was on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will probably cripple your soul, so you should really start drinking right about now.

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan

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