jamie lynn reminds me of bristol palin…

(…except her mom lynne spears isn’t running for vice president) oh good morning everyone (i’m taking a deep breath right about now…) although the latest STAR magazine cover is featuring baby daddy drama for new teenage mom jamie lynn spears and her daughter maddie briann (read about that messy situation here) i simply can’t get that whole ridiculous palin family scene out of my head (what bombshell is going to be dropped next?!?) i’m not a political person at all (like i’ve said many times before here on popbytes and i’ll probably take some flack for this post yet this is my blog and i’ll say what i want to say…)

seriously – enough is enough – if the republican party’s best choice for a vice president is some backwoods ultra conservative beyotch like sarah palin – then it’s a sad state of affairs for republicans everywhere (even though i’m not a republican – a far smarter choice (IMHO) would have been somebody more neutral like joe lieberman…) not only is ms. palin unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency (hello…she was the mayor of a town consisting of like 9,000 people) she’s already brought enough drama to the national table to start a soap opera named 99501 (the good ol’ zipcode of anchorage alaska) i swear if john mccain and lady sarah palin end up somehow winning this upcoming election – i’ll be packing my bags and leaving the country (and if anybody thinks bristol palin‘s marriage to self-proclaimed ‘fuckin’ redneck’ levi johnston is going to last…then go on and think again)

sarah palin is a total fucking joke and i can’t stand her or what she stands for (it’s time for all this god-fearing conservatism to come to an end…it’s one thing to be moral and another to be on some high ass horse) i’ve never been so fired up about someone (mr. mccain never got my blood boiling like she does…) if any woman out there who supported hillary clinton is thinking about voting for ms. palin just because she’s of the female persuasion – then i proclaim that person a dumbass – ms. clinton & ms. palin may share in the fact they both have vaginas but that’s about all they share!

i’m a staunch supporter of womens rights (just ask my mom) but ms. palin is a completely unnecessary step backwards and will be a world-wide embarrassment to this country if she’s elected vice president of the united states! phew…ok…now that i’ve got that off my chest (look at me all fired up so early in the morning!) i will NOT be mentioning this issue again until november 4th when this country hopefully elects barack obama to lead us towards change…not fear and more of the same bush politics! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo (many thanks to my friends at STAR for helping me to get my rant on!)

PS besides praying that ‘alaska crocker’ doesn’t become the next vice president – i’m also praying that britney spears is not hanging around again with paparazzi boy adnan ghalib

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