Jane Lynch and Dan Savage: F@#k John McCain!

Oh, good, angry news, something for me to enjoy here. Anyway, in an interview with Newsweek about the year in LGBT rights, out actress Jane Lynch and sex-advice columnist Dan Savage responded to John McCain‘s strong opposition to repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in no uncertain terms: FUCK JOHN MCCAIN.

Savage: F–k John McCain–put that in NEWSWEEK.

Lynch: Yeah, I say it too, to the second power.

Savage: Really, when it comes to gay rights, there’s two wars going on. The first war is political. But the culture war is over. Between Glee and Ellen and how integrated and accepted LGBT adults are, that’s done. So it’s very frustrating to be steeped in how culturally accepted we are and know that there’s all these legislative things that we just can’t seem to make any progress on. SOURCE

Interesting to note: This interview took place before this weekend’s repeal of DADT, so I’d love to see how they reacted when it actually passed and McCain had to wash down a slice of humble pie with a frosty can of “Oh shut up you useless old douchebag”.


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