janice dickinson on oxygen

this is a friendly public service announcement…please don’t forget to watch the premiere of janice dickinson‘s new reality show! you know…the one we have all been waiting for…ANTM just isn’t the same without her crassy style – so tonight you can get your long overdue dose of ms. dickinson on! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency

Oxygen’s new show follows Janice as she opens up her own modeling agency, putting her 30 years of fashion business experience to the test. She is determined to hand-pick the best new talent, photograph them herself and make the industry sit up and take notice. And on top of this, she has to balance the challenges of being a single mom and staying fabulous at 50.

Unlike many “reality” shows, there are no fake contests or contrived situations. It’s a real business with real financial, personal and professional stakes for Janice. And she is one woman who is completely unafraid of letting her real personality show when the cameras are rolling. A personality that is fearless, wickedly funny, honest and real.

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