Jason Bateman says ‘The Change-Up’ is crap!

Apparently The Change-Up is crap. Those aren’t my words, that’s right from one of the movie’s stars, Jason Bateman. Although I haven’t seen the movie and have no plans to, I can see how he’d say that. It’s basically a maned up version of Freaky Friday, except with a lot less of Lindsay Lohan and way more delicious Ryan Reynolds.

When he stopped by The Daily Show to talk-up his latest film, The Change-Up, the actor had some unexpected, choice words for the comedy. “It’s crap. The movie’s garbage.” SOURCE

Now call me crazy, but this seems like a little old thing that parent’s do to get their little kids to do stuff. You know, when they say stuff like “Fine, don’t take out the garbage. I’ll just sit over here and DIE.” On one hand, I’m glad that they’re owning up to the fact that this movie is clearly not going to be winning any awards anytime soon (MTV Movie Awards don’t count). On the other, I feel like a lot of people are going to fall for this trickery out of pure curiosity. But honestly, who am I kidding? The second I hear that Ryan Reynolds has any sort of nudity in this movie, I’m buying my tickets.

Jason Bateman