Jean Dujardin’s French F-Bomb at the Oscars

Jean Dujardin

Is it just me, or is there something just inherently sexy about hot men saying dirty words? Just me? Anyhoo, Jean Dujardin picked up a much deserved Oscar last night for Best Actor in The Artist, and in his acceptance speech, he ended up dropping an F-bomb, although it was in French so it’s not like anyone would care … oh, wait, here comes the entitled assholes who have apparently never communicated with actual people to get all bent out of shape over an everyday word. Access Hollywood reports:

“I love your country,” the first Frenchman to win an acting Oscar said as he accepted the award. He looked out on the audience packed with Hollywood’s top stars and declared: “So many of you here tonight have inspired me.”

Dujardin singled out the first Oscar host, silent screen star Douglas Fairbanks, as helping make his remarkable success possible. He then invoked his “Artist” character, saying George Valentin would have screamed exclamations at the win. Dujardin shouted them in French, which he translated backstage for reporters who were wondering if one of the words he used was the French equivalent of the F-bomb.

“It’s amazing, it’s incredible, it’s unbelievable. Thank you,” he explained before his translator stepped in and clarified the question. Smiling, he said, “Yeah. I’m sorry.”

Once again: WHO GIVES A SHIT. Seriously, people drop the F-bomb all the time. And besides, it was in French for God’s sake. You can’t even make most Americans say the word “French”, so why is everyone so concerned about a French word they didn’t understand, nor will they ever probably hear again?

Jean Dujardin

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