jen and brad are splitting!

oh my gosh – popbytes is all in a tizzy! this is the one couple that i had my money on – jeez louise! they lasted about 4 years – but their publicist announced today they would be splitting up – apparently its very amicable – and they had been really thinking about it – and way to break the story on a friday – so it wont hit the gossip shows until monday – oh im sad about this – maybe all this rain in los angeles has gotten them down – oh im shocked – i wish this was a cruel trick – but i guess the upside to all this is – brad pitt is back on the market – shimmy shimmy to that one – and im sure jennifer aniston will be fine – at least she got to hit that for 4 yrs – maybe brad was pissed she wasnt on ‘friends’ anymore? im just kidding – im sure they will remain great friends – both seem to be classy people – so we shall see – this is the new year saga we have been waiting for – and jennifer lopez is still married!!!! check you all latersss.

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