jen to confront angelina?!?

oh my goodness! i hope that jennifer aniston doesn’t decide to confront angelina jolie – that would be crazy! STAR magazine is reporting that the only way for jen to move on is to let her feelings be known to ms. jolie so she can finally close the brad chapter of her life…jen feels that angelina has gotten away scot-free. she has not had to pay a penny for ruining jen’s life after baby shiloh was born jen ran off with vince vaughn to france for a romantic getaway (although she has a lot of memories of her and brad over there)

but before she left she saw the pictures of the baby (the leaked ones…) and told a friend she’s adorable. she looks like both of them and even had a brief correspondence with her ex – telling brad she was happy for him and wanted to meet his new little girl…the most scandalous would be if she kidnapped shiloh and went into hiding – all of her previous ‘dramatic headlines’ would be pale in comparision to something like ‘jen’s kidnapping plot: she will run off with baby shiloh’ – with all the drama this poor girl has endured i wouldn’t put it past the tabloids to come up with a plot twist like that…popbytes over & out for a bit – i will check you all laters! rock & blog on – xxoo!

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