Jerry O’Connell trolls Shia LaBeouf’s stupid art show

Jerry O'Connell

Jerry O'Connell

So apparently, Shia LaBeouf‘s rip-off of Marina Abramović is actually doing well in Los Angeles, mostly because there are a ton of people who want to watch him squirm. Of course, this is all a part of his plan because people are paying attention to him and have forgotten this all started because he plagiarized an entire graphic novel from Daniel Clowes, so I guess the art world is really just full of idiots. But thankfully, Jerry O’Connell (remember him?) is taking the piss out of Shia by parodying his little attention grab. Vice reports…

Shia LeBeouf’s performance art piece in Los Angeles has changed the way our society looks at celebrity. It’s a groundbreaking work, the likes of which have never been seen before. Obviously, copycats were bound to start springing up, eager to siphon off some creative juice from such an original piece of art. Fortunately, the first one out of the gate to get a taste of the action was My Secret Identity star Jerry O’Connell, who opened a performance art installation right next door to Shia.

A massive crowd formed, eager to get a glimpse at what their hero had planned for them. Literally, the line was almost all the way to the next storefront. I counted at least fifteen people, maybe twenty. It was overwhelming, much like Jerry O’Connell’s performance in Kangaroo JackREAD MORE

Good on Jerry for rightfully mocking this stupid little publicity stunt for what it is, but … there are already about five or ten thinkpieces about Shia’s non-apology expressing how sorry they felt for him. Shia played them all like a fiddle and they fell for it. Because once again, Shia is not the victim here. He stole the work of a writer, refused to apologize for it, and publicly mocked him for being robbed. Shia basically thinks that writers don’t deserve to be paid for their work, so f**k them. No amount of plagiarized art installations is going to fix that.


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