Jersey Shore’s Angelina is a classy dame!

Angelina Pivarnick

There are certain celebs I feel bad for mocking. You can tell who these are because you can literally see the gaping holes in the text from where I pulled punches. And then there are celebs I will stop at nothing to poke fun at because they hit that perfect little sweet spot between annoying as shit and generally goddamn awful. Case in point, Angelina Pivarnick, the girl who was kicked off Jersey Shore, a show about douchebag sluts for being too douchey and too slutty, go kicked out of a club for (wait for it) being douchey and slutty with a hint of violent.

A rep from the club tells us Angelina was escorted from the property for being “rude to patrons and staff” … but sources inside the establishment claim the final straw was when the former reality star “drunkenly tried to fight another girl in the V.I.P. area.” Angie left without further incident — but she isn’t permanently banned from the joint … in fact, she’s still scheduled to make a few more appearances in the near future.

UPDATE: Angelina claims she was never in a fight — but tells us she’s pissed at club security for putting her in a headlock when she got involved in a situation involving one of her friends. SOURCE

Yeah, I’m sure the mentally imbalanced whore that everyone hates was acting the goddamn saint that night. This theory is completely thrown out as soon as you remember this is the same girl who would eat your goddamn heart if you wouldn’t dump a load in that bear trap between her legs. “What do you mean you won’t smoosh me? HARPIE SISTERS! ATTACK! GRYAAAAAAAAGH!”

Angelina Pivarnick

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