Jessica Simpson pulled a Lindsay!

Jessica Simpson goes to Adele concert

One thing I noticed about Lindsay Lohan‘s Twitter account is that it’s being used almost exclusively to tell everyone she wasn’t drinking when her complete and total shit-facedness couldn’t be any clearer if she were blowing into a breathalyzer two feet in front of your face. Well now Jessica Simpson is jumping on the “let’s pretend we weren’t drunk!” bandwagon by telling everyone she didn’t get totally smashed during an Adele concert.

Texas native Jessica Simpson took to Twitter Tuesday to clear up any notions that she was drunk Monday night at Adele’s concert in L.A.

“There are rumors that I was ‘drunk swaying’ at the Adele concert last night,” the 31-year-old designer and Fashion Star mentor tweeted. “That wasn’t drunk swaying. That was professional dancing! SOURCE

First off: If people think you’re drunk swaying, it’s not professional dancing. Second, who cares if she was drinking? The only reason I rag on Lindsay about it is because it’s keeping her from performing her obligations (i.e. THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF COMMUNITY SERVICE SHE NEEDS TO GET DONE), whereas, Jessica Simpson still has a career and is balancing it with a social life. So honestly, who gives two shits if she got drunk at an Adele concert with some friends as long as she doesn’t let it distract her from the shit she’s supposed to do?

Jessica Simpson goes to Adele concert

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