jessica simpson’s leaky public affair

hey kids! gosh today was busy – i so feel behind here – i’m sorry! tonight i managed to attend a screening of the upcoming film the science of sleep which was AWESOME! can i just say…WOW! director michel gondry strikes gold again – gael garcia bernal was beyond adorable – i simply can’t say enough about the film – before i do write more i need to fully gather my thoughts on it all! it put me in such a great mood!

anyways let’s get to the topic of tonight…just a few days before the official release of jessica simpson‘s latest album a public affair (due out aug 29th) and of course ms. simpson leaked all over the net…i had a pretty decent listen last night and jotted down some quick notes – the album is exactly what you would expect from jessica – it’s choppy & uneven – over produced – and really dorky – but there are a couple of not so bad tracks but overall her public affair is quite a lackluster one…

UPDATE now you can stream the entire album and see what you think – head over to AOL music

1 – A Public Affair

although the video completely sucked – i admit to this being a full-on guilty pleasure! not the song of summer ’06 but it for sure stood out

2 – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)

not good – not good – not good! she should have left well enough alone – horrid & awful cover – it might as well be a machine laying down the vocals on this track – so robotic and a total bore! pete burns must hate this shit!

3 – B.O.Y.

since her sister ashlee had a hit w/ the song L.O.V.E. – jessica also wanted to get in on the whole acronym thing too and this track includes some recycled sounds from the cars

4 – If You Were Mine

ok…this has like a vintage janet jackson vibe – i can’t place my finger on it yet…actually it’s not janet it’s nu shooz with their 1986 hit ‘i can’t wait’ – i must have played the beginning a 1000x and i finally figured out the rip-off factor in this track! but there is a hint of janet as well as whitney houston

5 – Walkin’ ‘Round In A Circle

total stevie nicks rip-off vibe – it so is color me ‘dreams’ – at first i was like is this a fleetwood mac cover? nope just more of jessica ‘borrowing’

6 – The Lover In Me

one of the better tracks – breathy & ballady – with some nice gospel type choir back-up

7 – Swing With Me

her christina aguilera ‘back to basics’ rip-off – a toss back to ‘swing’ – it will so show up on ‘dancing with the stars’ but she gets points for using the word ‘shimmy’ a favorite of mine

8 – Push Your Tush

the worst – she got stuck on the hoedown (she even uses that word) vibe from ‘dukes of hazzard’ – she rings a dinner bell and even crows cock-a-doodle-doo – this is her biggest dork out on the entire album – the title alone is complete dorkdom

9 – Back To You

hmmmm….back to you? back to who? not a bad slow song – i just wonder who she is talking about…it actually turns out she is supposedly singing about her high school sweetheart…lame

10 – Between You & I

oh this track starts off like ‘unchained melody’…one of my least favorite songs ever – lordy there are so many recycled sounds on this album – and nothing flows

11 – I Don’t Want To Care

ok if forced to pick a favorite (at gunpoint) i guess i would pick this one…

12 – Fired Up

she tries sadly to get her urban grill & groove on – bad mistake – i believe scott storch produced this one – calling it jessica’s ‘dirrty’ track – which makes him the overstater of the year – this track sucks my ass!

13 – Let Him Fly

a cover of a patty griffin song – i can’t believe jessica even knows who she is – ms. griffin rocks – i love her album ‘flaming red’ – i guess ms. simpson tried to gain a little cred by including this cover…and it’s apparently nick lachey inspired – i bet she wishes she didn’t tell him to fly away…

14 – I Belong To Me (Bonus Track)

this was voted by fans to be the second single off the album – jessica proclaims her freedom and who she really belongs to – herself and in the end she can keep herself and this album – not the worst but far from being worthy…

there you have it – many thanks to ali for the simpson listen! below are the two covers that have been floating around – the album is being released with the one on the left with her boobies covered up…her indecisions on the image are totally reflected in album – it basically should’ve been called a messy affair! popbytes over & out for tonight – thank heavens tomorrow is friday – xxoo!

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