Jim Rash mocked Angelina Jolie’s right leg!

Jim Rash

So last night, Community fans everywhere peed themselves a tiny bit as Jim Rash (who plays Dean Pelton) picked up an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Descendants. While his co-writers gave their speeches, Jim took the opportunity to throw a little shade at Angelina Jolie for spending the entire night flashing her “LOOK AT ME!” right leg all night long. Entertainment Weekly reports:

“Honestly, as soon as I saw her pose like that, I was like, ‘I’m going to do that,’” Rash told EW at the Governors Ball after the show. Producers had asked all the nominees, explained Rash, to have only one person speak when there were three or more winners. “I knew Alexander was going to take the reins, so I was like, ‘How can I make a moment?’ — selfishly,” laughed Rash. “I almost thought it was a little Dean Pelton, somehow. I was bringing it all together. Because I have stood like that [on Community].”
And no, Rash had not yet spoken with Jolie about the moment. Was he at least aware that, while he was doing the pose, Jolie was doing it too, standing in the dark on the far left of the stage? “Are you serious? Oh my god, that’s fantastic.”

Seriously Angelina, we get it, you have a great set of legs. Or specifically, one good leg, and one leg that I’m assuming is horribly burned or something. So yes, seeing ‘Dean Pelton’ sashay-chante his way through his Oscar acceptance was kind of the best thing ever. Mostly because I could totally see ‘Dean’ flashing some leg in order to catch the attention of Jeff Winger.

Jim Rash

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