John Travolta butchered Idina Menzel’s name during the Oscars

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel

Despite the fact that Idina Menzel is a Broadway legend, and the fact that “Let It Go” (from Frozen) has been playing EVERYWHERE for the past three months, or that she was performing at the Oscars, John Travolta somehow still found a way to completely f*ck up the pronunciation of her name. Apparently, he thought her name was Adele Dazim, WHICH ISN’T EVEN CLOSE YOU DAFFY BITCH.

Not exactly an Oscar-worthy introduction, John Travolta. The Grease star, 60, was one of the presenters at the 86th Annual Academy Awards inside L.A.’s Dolby Theatre March 2, and his task was to introduce Frozen star Idina Menzel’s much-anticipated live performance of nominated original song “Let It Go.” And though Tony winner Menzel, 42, has been a well-known star of the stage and screen for years — and “Let It Go” and Frozen are both bonafide cultural phenoms — Travolta mispronounced her name. By most accounts, Travolta called the singer-actress the “talented, one and only, Adele Dazim! The funny flub, naturally, sparked not simply Twitter mockery but its very own parody account! SOURCE

Bitch please. Like John doesn’t have a poster of Idina hanging in his room. Like he doesn’t stare at it while he sings “Let It Go” and “Defying Gravity” into a hairbrush. You’re not fooling anyone Travolta. All are powerless against Idina.

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