John Stamos is hotter than ever!

John Stamos, who accurately calls himself the most handsome man you can think of off the top of your head, is aging like a fine wine. Honestly, this guy has gotten so much hotter than his Uncle Jesse days on Full House. He’s made a video detailing his smooth bedroom moves for winning over the ladies. John (he and I are on a first name basis) looks longingly into the camera and describes the sure fire ways to master the cuddle by outlining his patented technique, The Stamos Cuddlefest. John in his underpants being a smooth talker with those sexy eyes and rugged facial hair. Sign me up. Right now. Probably the best part of the video is that his Full House co-star and generally creepy guy, Bob Saget, is the stand in for the part of the lady. So you get to watch John slowly seduce a dude. That’s fine by me, easier for me to imagine myself in that scene. Be sure to check out the Stamos Spoonful, so your ladyboy can get a preview of what to look forward to. Aaand now I’m pregnant.

John Stamos