jonah hill – datin’ andy samberg’s dad

who else watched saturday night live last night? it wasn’t the best episode ever but the one part that had me seriously cracking up (besides the ‘weekly update’ bit) was the latest ‘digital short’ (which is usually funny) featuring host jonah hill telling cast member andy samberg he was dating andy’s dad ben samberg – at first i couldn’t tell where the skit was headed but then i just started laughing (the tongue action is hilarious) plus andy is so damn adorable – gosh i love him! as for musical guest ms. mariah carey – i think she was a wee bit rusty last night – girlfriend needs to practice her new track touch my body live a few more times…the lyrics go by so fast and i thought she was going to mess it all up but mariah managed to get through it! ms. carey also debuted a new song migrate featuring a guest appearance by rapper t-pain – i’d have to hear the track a couple of more times before i pass judgment – however mimi did look superb – she has totally slimmed down – her body was bangin’ (she’ll never be the prettiest girl in the room but she works the cards dealt to her plus i’m sure she has gone under the knife once or twice…) popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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