Joss Whedon isn’t getting $100 Million for ‘The Avengers 2’

The Avengers

The Avengers

Sure, The Avengers may have made over a billion dollars worldwide and vindicated Joss Whedon‘s career, but Whedon wants you all to know that just because he wrote and directed one of the single best summer blockbusters of all time, that doesn’t mean he’s getting $100 Million for the sequel. Entertainment Weekly reports …

Since the massive opening weekend release of Iron Man 3, there have been several reports surfacing around the web about the salaries of the talent behind Marvel’s movies. In a post on, Joss Whedon cleared up one rumor: “I’m not getting $100 mil[lion] on Avengers 2,” he wrote in a comment that his reps confirm is indeed Whedon-penned (or Whedon-typed, as it were). The Avengers director continued, “I’m not making Downey money. I’m making A LOT, which is exciting. I’m not pretending to be a poor farmer, an Everyman, an ANYman. But that number is nuts.”

I get that Joss is kind of an integral part of The Avengers — it’s impossible to watch the first movie and not hear his voice echoing in every line — $100 Million is STUPID amounts of cash. I’m sure they’ll pay the guy what he thinks he deserves, but considering most movies don’t even make $100 Million at the box office, let’s be a little bit more realistic here.

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