Justin Bieber and Rob Ford hate each other!

Rob Ford and Justin Bieber

Rob Ford and Justin Bieber

In case you haven’t heard by now, our (meaning Toronto’s) crack mayor Rob Ford has taken a leave from his office to get help for his substance abuse after another video of him allegedly smoking crack made it online. As someone who’s had to live under his policies, I can’t say I’m a fan of his politics, but I do hope he gets the help he needs. Anyway, apparently Justin Bieber felt that he was in a good enough place to mock Rob Ford, so prepare yourself for the battle between Canada’s two biggest assholes. Global News reports …

Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke tweeted Wednesday night that Ford was “enraged” when the 20-year-old pop star asked the mayor if he had any crack when the two met at Muzik nightclub. “A wild ugly time” ensued, according to Cooke. According to the Star, Ford ran into Bieber in a common area of the club on March 15. He tried to shake Bieber’s hand “and became enraged when Bieber jokingly asked him, ‘Did you bring any crack to smoke?’” The newspaper reported an angry Ford “blustered back to his private booth.”

Considering that Justin just wrote a poem comparing Codeine to love, should he really be making fun of someone with substance abuse issues? No, no he shouldn’t. I’m not even a fan of Ford (in fact, I firmly believe he’s one of the worst things to ever happen to the city) and even I think this is pretty bullsh!tty. Now, if you want to go after Ford’s policies on transportation or the myth that he saved the city a billion dollars, that’s fair game. But going after someone’s dependency issues when you yourself just wrote an anthem to Sizzurp? Dick move.

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