Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ documentary bombed. Hard.

Justin Bieber Believe

Justin Bieber Believe

I’ll be completely straight with you: I have not seen Justin Bieber‘s new documentary Believe, nor do I have any intention of ever seeing it because why the hell should I? Even the Beliebers who actually like Justin didn’t bother going out to see it, because according to RadarOnline, it bombed at the box office. It bombed hard, which kind of makes you wonder if that whole “retirement” thing Justin keeps harping on about might actually come true.

Open Road Films released Bieber’s Believe on Christmas Day hoping to attract his large teenage fan base, but it failed next to the release of his highly popular Never Say Never documentary and didn’t even rank in the top 10 at the box office. In fact, Believe raked in a disappointing $1.25 million on Wednesday while playing at approximately 1,000 locations, losing out to holiday blockbusters The Hobbit, The Wolf Of Wall Street, Saving Mr. Banks and American Hustle.

From what I can tell from teasers and previews, they’re trying really hard to paint Justin as a salt-of-the-earth hero of the people. He literally says “It’s back to being the underdog.” Uh-huh. Except that Justin is by no means an underdog. Justin was forced into stardom, at which point he was given every opportunity to succeed. Every chance to redeem himself when he f*cked up. Every resource, every advantage, everything he could possibly need to succeed was given to him. Underdog my ass. If you can’t make a career work when you have everything going for you, that’s just on you.

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