Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards: Already causing drama in Atlanta

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber‘s only been in Atlanta for about five seconds, but of course he’s already having run-ins with the law, because have you seen the people around him? They’d tell Justin he could fly as long as they could get enough yes-men to act as his crash pad. Anyway, apparently Justin’s bodyguards have been arrested for felony theft after stealing a photographer’s camera, which … yeah. Didn’t take them terribly long, did it? TMZ reports …

Justin rented out an amusement park Tuesday afternoon [ed note: Of course he did. – JF], and while he was inside, law enforcement tells us a member of his security team went outside to his Escalade and told waiting paparazzi to stay cool because Justin was about to come out. We’re told the security guy got into it with one of the photogs, grabbed the guy’s camera and handed it to the driver. The security guy then allegedly jumped in the car and told the driver to take off. Cops found the Escalade at the home Justin is renting from rap mogul Dallas Austin and they searched it for the camera, which they located inside. We’re told the photog followed the vehicle to Justin’s house. Police then returned the camera to him. The guard and the driver were arrested for FELONY theft. The photog valued the camera at $10K.

Seriously, at some point you have to figure that Justin’s team would have a sit down to mull this one over. “Let’s see … So there seems to be some correlation between attacking the paparazzi, and members of our team going to jail. Hmmmmmm. I know there’s a connection here, but I’m not seeing it. Just to be safe, we should probably try and just avoid or co-exist with the paparazzi. Unless JB wants to punch them in the balls, in which case be sure to throw handfuls of money at them afterwards.”

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