Justin Bieber: Busted for driving w/o a proper license

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Hey, remember Justin Bieber? He was the other white teenage pop star who grew up and started pretending he was black. Well, turns out he’s still an idiot too, because he just got busted for driving in LA despite the fact that he wasn’t actually licensed to be driving in California at all. Via TMZ

Justin Bieber was pulled over in Calabasas this morning for driving like an a-hole — and during the stop, cops discovered the pop star shouldn’t have been on the road in the first place … ’cause he’s NOT licensed to drive in California, TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us … cops noticed Justin’s white Ferrari blowing through a stop sign near his Calabasas home around 4:30 AM Wednesday morning. We’re told Justin was cooperative during the stop — but cops noticed that JB did not have a valid California driver’s license, something new residents of the state are required to have within 10 days of moving to CA. FYI — Justin bought his Calabasas home at the end of June.

You would think that with all the managers, PR people, producers, marketers, executives, assistants, swagger coaches and assorted useless hanger-ons Justin has at his disposal, one of them would have stepped up and told him that he needed to get a proper license so that he could plow his doofy-ass car through a stop sign without looking. Oh, wait, that would require someone telling Justin to actually follow the rules. I forgot, that is verboten in the world of spoiled teenage celebrities.


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