Justin Bieber got turned away from a strip club

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Amid the burning empire that was once his career, Justin Bieber‘s last refuge has always been strip clubs. They were the one place where Justin could go and suck stripper nipples with his friends without the judgment of the haters. But lo, the darkness encroaches from all sides, as Justin has now been turned away from one of New York’s biggest strip clubs. Page Six reports …

After he was turned away from a slew of Super Bowl parties, including ESPN’s Friday night bash, and days after a photo emerged of the teen star and friend Khalil Sharieff licking a stripper’s nipples, Bieber was barred from the Sunday Sins party at Sapphire New York on the Upper East Side. A spy heard organizers of the bash, hosted by promoter Ruben Araneta and DJ’d by Cassidy and Todd Smolar, discuss whether they should allow the 19-year-old in. “They decided he wasn’t worth the trouble,” our source relates, adding, “A party promoter asked the club about setting Bieber and his crew up with a few tables, but management said no because he is underage and his current negative press is not good for their venue — even though Bieber spent $75,000 at a strip club in Miami last week.”

Oh gosh, I just love how Justin has become such a nuisance, that strip club owners are willing to forfeit $75,000 just so they don’t have to deal with him for one night. ONE NIGHT! Seriously, do you know some of the stuff strippers will do for next to nothing? Those women are dedicated, so it takes a special kind of douche to make them say “tens of thousands of dollars? NOPE.”

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