Justin Bieber is officially done with Los Angeles!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

After Justin Bieber slowly tanked his reputation by being a raging jerk-weed to his neighbors, he apparently came to the conclusion that everyone else was the problem instead of him. So of course, he decided to move away from his old neighborhood to Atlanta to get in touch with his hip-hop roots (Once again: He’s from Stratford, Ontario. At best, his roots are in Shakespearean theater.) and as of today he’s officially done with Los Angeles, according to TMZ

Justin Bieber has cut his final ties with the city of Los Angeles … because TMZ has learned he’s sold the last piece of property he owns in the area … leaving him wide open for a permanent move to the ATL. As TMZ first reported, Bieber sold his Calabasas home to Khloe Kardashian for a cool $7.2 million … making a little over a million on the sale. But according to our sources, Bieber also owned the 1.7-acre plot of land next door … until now. We’re told Bieber just sold that for $2.775 million (he bought it for $2.35 mil in 2012) and the deal closes in 30 days.

So of course, it’s not like history will just repeat itself since Justin never actually learned anything and will eventually do the exact same thing to his new neighbors. And of course, it’s not like Atlanta is way stricter about these things than L.A. “Mr. Bieber, a signed headshot of yourself with the caption ‘Follow your dreams girl!’ does not excuse you from driving your Ferrari into an animal sanctuary while high on Codeine. You’re going to jail. Not Pinkberry, JAIL.”

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